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Forum Rules!

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Forum Rules!

Post by Lara AKA Master! on Fri May 27, 2016 5:35 pm

Forum Rules

  • When you create an account on this Forum the name of your account has to include at least your first name.
  • Every image used in this Forum is NOT allowed to contain any Drugs, Cigarettes, inappropriate stuff (you know what I mean) etc.!
  • Pictures have to be copyright, if you search for images on Google and you do not know how the view the ones that are only copyright then read through these instructions:
  • The text must also be copyright. Sentences or even entire paragraphs may not just be taken from a website, book or person, unless you then post the link of the webpage or name of the person or book under it.
  • Although we do not want to force you to be friendly all the time, it would be nice if you don’t start fights.
  • Do not blackmail people or write them that they should do something bad ‘or else…’! If we find out that this has happened then that user will be banned!
  • Please don’t make your signature too long, since it can get annoying when reading. If you want to have a lot of text then put it into a spoiler, like this one:
  • Every post has to contain a minimum of 5 words.
  • Double posts are not allowed, unless 24 hours lie between them. If this happens the newer post will be deleted without comment.
  • Every user on this Website is only allowed to have one account. It can get quite confusing if one person has more.
  • When you have created an account and read through these rules you have to write a short comment about yourself in the section ‘Welcoming’ so we know you are someone from CIS and not a stranger.
  • Bad language isn’t forbidden, but please do not use it to often, as other users could find it quite disturbing.
  • If you saw someone break one of these rules or you do not agree with these rules then contact either Amélie or me (Lara, if anyone hasn’t noticed yet) with PN (the Forum E-mail), the normal school Gmail or in person.
  • The Moderators (AKA Teachers), can also bann you if they see you break these rules.


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