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A chase through the Forest

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A chase through the Forest

Post by Amélie on Fri May 27, 2016 7:29 pm

A chase through the forest
By Amélie

My heart was beating much to fast, as I ran through the gloomy Forest. Around my huge, dark trees rose into the clouded Sky, blocking out any sunlight that could to get through. behind me I heard the footsteps of the something that was following me. Suddenly, I tripped over a branch. The ground shot toward be, and in the last possible moment I put up one of my arms to protect my face. I hadn't got heart badly, but still it was painful. I sat up, cradling my hurt am with the other arm. Then i remembered that I was running away form someone. My head shot around, to look at who was behind me. I expected to see a wild animal, sneeking towards me out of the shadows. But best friend was looking at me, practically laughing her head of! I stared at her, first shocked then angry, then also I was laughing. "Did you think I was some evil person or wild animal about t attack you?" My friend asked. I just nodded, and took the hand my friend stretched out to me so I could stand up. Together we walked out of the forest, that did not seem so dark anymore now that I wasn't alone.

The End

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